Ladakh Eco Resort,
Spurka, Gangles,
Leh- 194101


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Ladakh has a lot to offer to the travellers coming here.The vast,diverse,landscapes open your mind and the clean air recharges your energies.
Explore the great outdoors of Ladakh.

  • Go for one of many treks the region of Ladakh has to offer to see the ‘real’ Ladakh in its small villages nestled far away in the mountains.
  • Explore the whole place on an Enfield 500 or a Himalayan bike.
  • Try your hand on some rock climbing or go climb a mountain!!
  • Visit the highest brackish water lakes in the Changthang region situated 4500 meters above sea level.
  • Take a helicopter to the Zanskar valley and drive back to LEH
  • Visit the most fertile part of Ladakh ‘The Sham valley’ and enjoy the fruits of nature.
  • Explore the wildlife of Ladakh. Go for snow leopard sightings when it is the right time to spot them.
  • Immerse yourself in the teachings of Buddha in the monasteries of Ladakh. Get prepared to go on a retreat and find yourself!
  • or Just relax in your cabin, do your yoga,grab a book go for a walk and unwind in the bright sunny days of Ladakh.

As the resort is a little away from the city we have a clinic equipped with basic medical facilities for common ailments that occur in this region. Onsite facilities include first aid and provisions for dealing with guests who may experience some side effects as a result of the high altitude. Leh Hospital is a short (5 kilometre) drive away and a doctor is available, on call, for any emergencies.

Gangles is a picturesque village and we can arrange picnics, village walks and small hikes around. Experience the magnificent outdoors with great service.

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